Jeffrey Sweeney

I'm an experienced, self-motivated software engineer with proficiency in front-end development. I have a passion for developing maintainable solutions for a variety of needs, and have worked on a myriad of projects.

Work experience



Most of my technological skills came from teaching myself, working on personal projects, and developing software with a variety of teams.


I have been developing in Javascript for roughly a decade. I've worked on projects ranging from simple website effects, interactive dynamic charts, games, Microsoft add-ins, and more.

I'm very proficient in modern Javascript and make it a point to keep up to date with modern tech such as the device camera, canvas, and integration with audio/video.

As predominately a web developer, I'm proficient in HTML and CSS, and write accessible, semantically correct content that matches designer mockups (when provided) while adhering to accessibility guidelines.

I have worked on large and small projects and adhere to best practices, developing reliable, composable, and efficient code. I excel in meeting project and customer needs with the minimum amount of required code, third-party or otherwise.


I was an early adopter of ReactJS and integrated it into Avid MC|UX Audio, Video, and Sequence Timeline components.

I'm skilled in React 16/17 and have developed a myriad of pure functional components using all of the available React hooks (useState, useEffect, useMemo, useCallback, etc.). Components I develop are reusable, testable, and isolated.

I'm also familiar with tech that is often paired with React, such as Redux (and tools such as Redux Thunk and Redux Saga), and various UI design libraries.

React projects I've worked on include:


I've used NodeJS to write and maintain build scripts, servers, and general utilities.

For build scripts, I've written intricate webpack configurations, occasionally with custom plugins, to meet a customers need. I've also developed personal projects using Rollup, and some public projects with Snowpack.

I've written a number of back-ends using ExpressJS and related technologies. The following projects used ExpressJS somewhere in the process, either for the main back-end of as a testing proxy:

I've also made a number of custom tools for querying JIra, generating text output, and other things of that nature. This resume is the output of a NodeJS script that I wrote that turns a markdown file into an interactive webpage.


I'm very comfortable in developing SVG icons from scratch, optimizing existing icons, animating icons, and making small requisite tweaks.

I've developed custom icons and animations for a range of projects including:

I also have experience with general image and video manipulation. I've made tutorial Javascript videos for Eduonix effectively from scratch.


I'm well versed in modern CSS and now widely available features including animations, gradients, flexbox and grid. I'm conscious of optimization and semantics and can develop most features an app requires. I've developed custom forms, modals, dropdowns, tooltips, and more using available CSS techniques.

I'm also versed in a variety of CSS libraries and tools, including TailwindCSS, Bootstrap, Material UI, and whatever else a project may need or is using. I've worked with modular CSS tools such as styled css and preprocessors such as SASS and "postCSS" (which is not technically a preprocessor).


I've worked on a handful of personal and public VueJS projects, both existing and from scratch. I'm familiar with the composition API and the advantages that Vue can offer.

Vue projects I've worked on include:


I took the role of Scrum Master at Avid Technolgies for a year and a half. During this time, projected sprint velocity vs estimates improved from ≈40% to ≈95%. Excess meetings were also tampered down, as generating administrative reports was made more efficient and even automated where possible.

Nowadays, I advocate for Extreme Programming and pure Agile methodologies.


I have work experience ranging from individual gigs to large companies, with teams of all sizes, for short and long-term commitments.


Solutions Engineer , October 2020 - Present


Create React App, Javascript, NodeJS, ReactJS, Redux, Webpack


Front-end developer, September 2021 - Present


Javascript, Typescript, TailwindCSS

Imperial College London

Front-end developer, June 2021 - July 2021


Canvas, Bootstrap, ReactJS



ExpressJS, Javascript, NodeJS, ReactJS, TailwindCSS

Avid Technologies

Senior Front-end Developer - March 2013 - January 2019


Docker, Groovy, Java, Javascript, Jira, Kubernetes, Mocha, NodeJS, ReactJS, RHEL, TestCafe


Front-end developer, July 2019 - January 2020

Worked on two projects for Litify: Litify Inbox and Litify Referral Network

Litify Inbox:

"Litify Referral Network is an all-in-one platform solution that allows law firms of all sizes to easily send, receive, and manage legal case referrals for FREE."


ExpressJS, Javascript, NodeJS, React, Redux, Redux Saga, WebdriverIO

Raven Black

Vue Engineer, January 2020 - May 2020


Canvas, Hugo, Javascript, Rxjs, TailwindCSS, Typescript, VueJS

Health Data Movers

Developer, May 2020 - October 2020


Javascript, Material UI, MySQL, NodeJS, ReactJS, SendGrid, Sequelize, Twilio, WebSockets


Tutorial Video Producer, March 2019 - May 2019

Developed a tutorial series on Javascript, Webpack, and Babel fundamentals.

Sample video:


Developer, 2011 - 2012

Developed a offline-capable website for Idexx: geared toward salespeople selling vetrenarian supplies in rural areas.

This was done with the Cache Manifest. This was before Service Workers existed.


Appcache, Javascript, PHP